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Q: How can I advertise to the huge, lucrative, “hard to reach” BME market in a city with hundreds of ethnic communities speaking hundreds of languages? 

A: The Spectrum Radio Network. 

We have the audiences, market knowledge, the cultural expertise, products and sales procedures that make the whole thing simple.  The Spectrum Radio Network is the only radio group that turns London’s ethnic communities into an “easy to reach” market.  We offer fast efficient turn around and a creative team with direct access into your target communities.


Get the Knowledge

Want to impress your clients with your knowledge of multi-ethnic London?


Book an Ad Campaign in English  

English has a huge impact with all of our communities.

English may have even greater impact on your target community than their own language.  

In all cases, we will give you our honest advice.

Nobody else has the market intelligence to make sure that your message has maximum effect. 


Book a Multi-lingual Ad campaign  

You might want a different language/s to suit your campaign needs. 

We’ll make your ad in any language you want and make sure the copy is

geared to the culture and traditions of the people you want to sell to. 


Want something more  

Want a campaign that goes even further?

Perhaps you want to sponsor one of our Radio Stations or promote your product at an event.

Request Tx Reports and/or ROT’s

 Have a Campaign with us all ready?

Need a full Transmission Report or Record of Transmission?